Donations for future development

We are always looking for ways to enhance our School and to realise our vision for the future.

This includes extending the variety and quality of experiences of our pupils and enriching our environment through a range of development projects. We would be very grateful for your assistance in making our vision a reality. Further details of our vision and developments currently being undertaken can be viewed by clicking here.

If you would like to make a financial donation please contact the Head of Finance and Operations:

Donations of any amount are always welcome and gratefully received. However, more significant donations will be recognised with appropriate benefits. Please read below for details of support benefits.

Donations above £500 bestow on the donor the title of Supporter.
A School Supporter will benefit from recognition in the newsletter, where there will be a general expression of gratitude for their support of the school.

Donations above £1000 bestow on the donor the title of Patron.
Patrons will also be acknowledged in the newsletter, but will continue to be acknowledged in every edition for the equivalent of a school year (three terms).

Donations above £2000 bestow on the donor the title of Windlesham Angel.
Windlesham Angels, will receive the same benefits as School Patron. In addition they will be personally mentioned as school sponsors on the school website. Their personal or business names will also feature on our Windlesham Champions board which will be posted in front of the school.

Donations above £5000 will receive benefits appropriate to the development project they are supporting.