Upper School Trips

Last week our Upper School pupils all went on trips with their classmates.  You can see lots of photos and reports on our Facebook page, the link is here.



Year 5 visited Petworth House and we had some lovely feedback from the staff:

“Hello, at the end of your visit last Wednesday, I was asked a few questions by a young man, who seemed very interested in Charles Seymour 6th Duke of Somerset. I was able to answer some, but not all, so please see below the answers, for this very polite and engaging young man, P.S. I know I speak for all the team, when I say how very much we enjoyed your visit to Petworth House.
Where did the Duke die? – I did know this, answer Petworth House.
In which room did he die?– This I couldn’t answer. It was in fact the Dukes bedroom, which is now the Red Library. The school would not have visited this room, as it is in the private part of the house.
Where is the Duke buried?, His Grace is buried in Salisbury Cathedral,  in a very Grand Tomb ( as one would expect!)”