Windlesham School Parent Survey December 2015

We had 155 responses. That is 86% of the School – so thank you.

We had over 100 individual comments and suggestions, we have been going through all of these.

The vast majority of responses are very positive – so thank you. We are now sharing the responses with you. Naturally people will have expressed different views and so we have looked at trends. We are sharing what you said you like – we will try and do more of these. We are also sharing the things you said you would like us to work on – and letting you know what we are doing.

We have set out overall responses  below, followed by a summary of all the answers to each section of the survey. The red circles show the areas we will be focussing on.

Below the summary of responses are tables containing information and links to further documentation to illustrate how we are acting on the information gathered from you.


Parent Survey Summary of Responses

data summary final


Overall Satisfaction

overall satisfaction final


communication final


curriculum final

Behaviour and Pastoral Care

behavioural and pastoral care final


wellbeing final


What you said you like:

What you said you like
The small class sizes and teacher ratios Atmosphere of respect and kindness
The small personal feel of the school Depth of topics learned and diversity of learning
The School promotes independence and confidence The swimming pool
Every child at the School is valued Academic achievement
The School is caring and nurturing. It has a homely personal feel. Traditional approach. Making learning fun.
There is a positive happy feel to school and the children love coming to the School. Excellent links with secondary schools.
You are happy with the improved sport. The School has caring teachers and a high quality of enthusiastic teaching.
They leave at Year 6 polite, thoughtful and well rounded.

What you would like us to work on:

What you said What we are doing
You would like the buildings improved plus you would like us to provide hot lunches Please click here to see separate announcement
 More sport, after school clubs and extracurricular activities  The sports activities have been expanded recently, the current list can be seen here. We are looking into a longer after school club and will be sending round a short survey. We need to see whether there is enough demand or not. Click here to see the extracurricular clubs now available.
Deal with any comments raised by Ofsted The School has incorporated the Ofsted comments into the School Improvement Plan. Click here for details.
Review of the reward and behaviour system (including bullying) 94% agreed there are good standards of behaviour in the School, which is very positive. 20% want bullying dealt with more effectively. The School considers it important that children and adults feel safe, respected and happy. An effective reward and behaviour system plays an important part in this. We have been working on a new behaviour and reward policy for some time which will provide a clearer system of rewards and sanctions and details will be circulated soon. We will be encouraging parents to actively support the School with the policy.
Site security and general improvements The security of the School and safety of the children and staff is paramount and arrangements are regularly reviewed. We are looking into your other ideas and will report back on any implementations.
More Governor visibility and access Please click here for details of the Governors and how you can get in touch with them. Many of the Governors attend School events and would be happy to talk to parents. We will hold a drop in session once every two weeks attended by the Head and a Governor. Details will follow.
More feedback on my child’s progress and how I can be involved and support. More goal setting  Currently, feedback on progress is given at the two parent evenings in the Autumn term and the two parent evenings in the Spring term. Grade Sheets are issued for children in the Upper School prior to Parent Evenings. A formal report is sent home at the end of the year. There are Open Classroom events where parents can look through work with their children. Parents are also able to make appointments to see any teachers during the year. This year we are making the end of year report more concise, focussing on progress made and targets for improvement. A clear indication of level of attainment related to national expectations will be given. We are looking at introducing regular drop-in sessions where parents/carers can look at work with the Class Teacher/Tutor present. Homework is written or stuck in the children’s Homework diaries. We will be changing the format of this so that the task will be clear but also suggestions for parental support will be given.
My concerns and questions dealt with more quickly We have introduced a more detailed log system so calls to the School with concerns and questions and responses are logged.  This way we can monitor how we are doing.  We will review the system after 6 months and report back.


Thank you again for your participation.