A school that has not only provided a marvellous grounding for our son, but is also very close and offers value for money. We have no doubt that Windlesham will continue to prosper and expand. We will remain eternally grateful that [our son] has had the benefits of a Windlesham education. A heartfelt thank you once again for the excellent job that the School has done during this lockdown

I wanted to take this opportunity to express how fond we are of Windlesham. Our experience only improves year on year

I do want to underline how happy we are that we moved both girls to Windlesham …reflection of our affection for the school and the high esteem in which we hold the staff and you

Windlesham is a fantastic school and whilst offering great education and discipline, is able to maintain an incredibly nurturing surrounding. This has helped bring [our son] out of his shell and the support he has received in additional education works has been invaluable and we have really appreciated the efforts of you and your team. It was for this reason that we brought [our daughter] to the school as we recognize that in these early years it is so important to immerse children in the best possible environment for learning

My wife and I wished to say we so appreciate the hard work, imagination and talent that is going into producing wonderful lessons and inspiring assemblies at Windlesham. We cannot thank you enough for all you are doing for us, for our son, and for all our children. My wife is especially appreciative as, being a teacher, she is aware of the pressures you have all been under. You do everything with such kindness and efficiency. You are all really lifting our spirits, and we are so very grateful to you all. With kind regards, and deep respect

The biggest benefit to our child is that we know as his parents, that he will look back on his time at Windlesham School in the knowledge that he has been very fortunate to have such a happy and fulfilling education. We have been particularly impressed that the school encourages the inclusion of all children to participate in everything. Particularly the school plays and musicals

We have loved the family feel of the school and the fact that everyone knows everyone.
The children feel safe and it gives them a better chance to learn when they are happy

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Windlesham School & Nursery has 70 years’ experience of preparing children for life. In every department, traditional values go hand-in-hand with innovative teaching. Our school aims to help children develop as happy, well-rounded and motivated individuals, who respond positively to every new challenge.

Joy in learning, pride in achievement and respect for others are intrinsic to our values.

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