Science is a core subject of the National Curriculum and pupils undertake some science activity every week at Key Stages One and Two.

Our aims are:

– To develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about scientific phenomena
– To provide pupils with the foundations for understanding the world
– To enable understanding of how major scientific ideas have played a vital role in society
– To prepare pupils for life in a increasingly scientific and technological world

Science is taught as a discrete subject by the class teachers from Year 1 to Year 3. Science in Years 4 to 6 is taught by a specialist teacher in the Science Room where pupils have opportunities to handle equipment whilst working scientifically.

The programme of study of the National Curriculum is used as a basis but very often, teaching and learning of science goes into greater depth, beyond the National Curriculum. The curriculum is also enriched by in-house presentations and activities and also by visits to science centres, museums and outdoor sites such as Wakehurst Place, the British Wildlife Centre and Plumpton College. Every pupil is facilitated to achieve their best and to move on to their next school both educated in, and enthused by science.