In experiencing Art, our children enjoy the hands on activities and feel confident to experiment based on the teaching of sound practical skills.

These skills are taught in a progressive and logical way with constant revisiting to ensure sound development. Creativity is encouraged alongside the learning of basic skills and techniques necessary to make this meaningful. A thorough investigation of artists’ techniques and working methods is studied by the older pupils and used as the starting point of much practical work. Art biographies are studied and children are encouraged to ask questions, form opinions and express views on artists’ work with confidence.

Implementation/Content of Art Curriculum

Drawing is the base from which other skills and disciplines develop. Observational drawing is encouraged and taught in a formal manner, with demonstration where possible. The development of observational drawing progresses from simple line, through to the understanding of form and texture. Pencils, pens, crayons, oil pastels and chalks are all used when and where it is appropriate.

Children are taught Painting skills more formally from year 3 onwards. Colour theory is revisited and reinforced as vital to the understanding of painting. A variety of paint types are used – block, powder, ready-mix and acrylic with the characteristics and capabilities of each demonstrated and explored.

Various forms of Printing are discussed, showing examples from artists throughout history allowing children a basic understanding of methods and outcomes. Mono-printing and press-print are the media used most widely. Electronic printing using photocopiers is explored when studying certain work by Warhol and Hockney.

Three-Dimensional (3D) work is varied with New-clay, firing clay, Mod-roc, papier-mache and recycled materials all explored and enjoyed.

Design Technology is taught as part of Art. Effort is made to incorporate practical design technology from making relatively simple pop-up cards to more complex design and model making.

Art Appreciation is a keystone of Art teaching at Windlesham School. Art history forms the backbone to the curriculum. Skills in drawing, painting, printing, collage and 3D are taught using an historical perspective.