April 2018 Inspection

Windlesham School & Nursery Compliance 2018

March 2023 Inspection

Windlesham School is accredited by the Independent Schools Council and the Head is a Member of the Independent Schools Association (ISA).

Windlesham School was deemed to be ‘excellent’ in all areas of the Educational Quality Inspection. Inspectors were enthusiastic in their description of the pupils’ engagement, their passion for learning, the nurturing environment created by staff and the excellent progress made by pupils in relation to their abilities.

In writing the report, the inspectors were at a loss to find recommendations for future development. These have been supplied by the school.

Key Findings from the Educational Quality Inspection

The quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent. They are highly successful and make strong progress in relation to their abilities.

Pupils have outstanding attitudes to learning and are highly articulate. They are enthusiastic mathematicians with a passion for solving number problems.

Pupils acquire knowledge readily and have excellent skills for learning. They have excellent study skills, strongly supported by a school culture that encourages pupils to reflect on their relative strengths and weaknesses in learning.

Pupils achieve excellent levels of success outside the formal curriculum. Pupils have well developed skills in ICT.

The quality of pupils’ personal development is excellent. They have excellent self-awareness for their age. They are highly respectful and inclusive of one another.

Pupils are confident in decision-making, they demonstrate high levels of moral understanding and actively take responsibility for their own behaviour.

Pupils have well-developed spiritual understanding and aesthetic awareness. Their social development is excellent and they form strong, productive and trusting relationships with staff and peers.

Pupils make strong contributions to their school and have an excellent understanding of how to stay safe and keep healthy.

Copy of ISI Inspection Report

To see a copy of the full ISI report please click here.

The letter linked ISI Report Feb 2024  provides further detail about the inspection.

Follow Up Inspection Report: Windlesham School And Nursery Follow Up Report