Lower School (Reception, Years 1 and 2)

Reception (Age 4+)

The children in the Reception classes are part of the ‘Foundation Stage’ of Education called the ‘Early Years’

The children work to a broad, well-balanced and planned curriculum which includes seven areas of learning. It enables the development of literacy and numeracy skills as well as physical, intellectual and emotional needs. Play is carefully planned to embrace the seven areas of learning which are:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development.
Communication and Language.
Physical Development.
Understanding the World.
Expressive Arts and Design.

Pupils in Reception continue to build upon the strong and secure foundations laid in the Nursery. Emphasis is placed on the children gaining increasing independence through a widening of the curriculum and greater use of the school facilities. All pupils in Reception have a fortnightly swimming lesson with specialist teaching staff in our magnificent, on-site swimming pool.

The pupils are regularly assessed throughout Nursery and Reception and an outline of their progress is recorded on each child’s individual profile. Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) supports any specific needs identified by the class teacher.

Although Reception age children are generally ready for home at the end of a busy school day, for part of each term we run an optional after-school club for Reception children. Recent clubs for this age group have included Traditional Board Games, Art Club, Lego Building and Windlefun. Please note that after-school clubs are charged as an optional extra. Enrichment activities and events, such as World Book Day and Maths Days, are organised annually.

Year 1 (Age 5+)

In Year 1, the children are taught mainly by their Class Teacher with the support of a full time Teaching Assistant in each class.

There are specialist teachers for French, Music, Swimming, Computing & Physical Education .

The curriculum is based on the National Curriculum and a number of outings and trips are organised to support specific topics. Enrichment activities and events (e.g. Maths and Science Days) are organised during the school day. A rich programme of after-school clubs is on offer to children throughout much of term-time. The range of clubs changes and evolves regularly but recent clubs have included Windlefun, Craft, Lego Building, Mini Tennis and Chess. Please note that after-school clubs are charged as an optional extra.

Children learn to play the recorder the Spring Term of Year 1. All the children are encouraged to sing together in their Assemblies and Music lessons in preparation for participating in the Year 2 Sparrow Choir.

Subjects covered in the curriculum are:

Year 2 (Age 6+)

In Year 2, the children continue to be taught by their class teacher with the support of a Teaching Assistant and work in areas as outlined above. There are specialist teachers for French, Music, Swimming, Computing & Physical Education.

Cross-curricular links between different areas of the curriculum are made incorporating particular topics with skill-based learning.

Read Write Inc

All children are taught to read with Read Write Inc, a tried and tested synthetic phonics reading programme. Its systematic and structured approach results in rapid learning of sounds and blending, enabling children to be successful from the very beginning. More information on Read Write Inc.